I have held my licence, G1PJJ, since 1985, having taken the exam whilst in Plymouth. Obviously I had to do 1986 VHF Field Day on Dartmoor – just because it was there! (Ummmm what can a pair of 4CX250b produce? Asking for a friend.)

In the 1990s I was chairman of Dover Radio Club and Controller of Kent Raynet.

My licence lapsed in 2005 as my time was taken up by work (and children).

After a chance meeting at Colchester North Station in June 2019 I applied for my licence to be reinstated. This took several weeks and a few phone calls to Ofcom (plus a fee, of course) but in July 2019 G1PJJ was back.

There has been a name change since the original licence was issued so my licence was re-issued in March 2023.

Currently I have a Diamond X200 up a 15ft pole in NE Essex, overlooking Suffolk. Semi active on VHF & UHF.

My CW is still awful and I don’t have any HF equipment. Before anyone suggests I build my own – yes I could (and I was a member of the GQRP club for a while) – so maybe I’ll get a round tuit.